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APF - Advanced Protection Formula

APF delivers

  • Natural herbal extract offers nutritional support for multiple stressors
  • Multiple ingredients in a balanced formula for maximum benefits
  • Concentrated liquid formula that is readily absorbed
  • Easily mixed into daily ration, preferably with wet food
  • Protects the energy cycle by maximizing glucose in the cell
  • Aids in the production and maintenance of skeletal muscle
  • Accelerates cell repair following injury or illness
  • Provides valuable support to the immune system
  • Helps regulate body systems disrupted by stress
  • Improves adaptation to environmental stress
  • Safe and recommended for long-term, daily use

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Proud exhibitor at the 2013 Conference

Overall stress protection for your dog

Your pet has a natural, protective ability to maintain his health and adapt to the stress in his life. This adaptive response is the most distinctive and observable feature of good health. If this adaptive response is over-whelmed with too much or unrelenting stress, your pet's attitude, energy level, behavior, and health could be seriously compromised.

APF - Advanced Protection Formula is a unique natural herbal supplement that specifically supports your pet's natural adaptive response to stress by improving the capacity of each cell to access and metabolize energy better, even under the disruption of stress. Your pet can enjoy an overall increase in health and well-being.Hoss, the best dog!

APF was developed by a veterinarian and is recommended as a daily nutritional supplement for all stages of your pet's life.


APF for your dog!

Protection is our middle name


Eleutherococcus senticosus - normalizes body systems and improves cellular function disrupted by stress. Increases energy and physical endurance. Supports immune function.

Schizandra chinensis - combats fatigue and enhances recovery. Has been used as nutritional support for healthy liver function.

Rhodiola rosea - provides important immune support during stressful periods. Improves physical stamina.

Echinopanax elatus - helps regulate blood sugar and cardiac function.

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