Many of us who share a love of horses are enthralled by the champion equines who dominate the racing circuits and live a life of glory and fame. But do we ever stop and think about what happens when these powerful animals enter that stage of life when racing and resplendence are a thing of the past? 

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Thankfully, in 2003, Michael Blowen started Old Friends, a thoroughbred retirement facility located in Georgetown, KY where these famous equines of the past can go and live a life being cared for and appreciated. Today, Old Friends has become quite a popular tourist destination for horse lovers and includes a 236-acre farm and a herd of over 240 retired former racehorses and breeding stallions.

A big part of the funding for Old Friends comes from its donors who provide monthly support for the equine oasis of retirement. Michael sends out an informative monthly newsletter giving updates on the latest happenings and also introduces the newest “retirees” to join Old Friends. 

Click on the following link to read their most recent newsletter and learn more about this amazing facility. 

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