Leslie Berndl’s amazing horse, Uminco (aka Travis) is defending his title as the reigning Singles National Champion in Carriage Driving in fine style. Leslie and Travis won both the Cross Country Obstacle division and the Progressive Obstacle division at the Grand Oaks Classic in Florida, February 14-16, 2014. But they were just warming up. The very next weekend, February 20-23, Leslie and Travis won the Kingdom of the Sun CDE Advanced Single Horse division.

Leslie is an extraordinary equestrian and we are so proud and delighted to be a part of her success. She recently took the time to let us know how healthy and fit her horses were.

“A huge THANK YOU to Auburn Laboratories for helping us achieve our dreams.
APF Pro is an amazing product…Travis is proof !!”


 We couldn’t be happier, Leslie. We’re rooting for you all the way!

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