Putting the final polish on his spin before entering the ring.

We just spent a couple of days at the Reining By The Bay show at the Horsepark in Woodside and loved it! What a terrific group of horses and riders — and reining looks like more fun than oughta be legal. The attention to detail and the smooth running of the show made attending a truly enjoyable experience! Hats off to Alden Corrigan and her team. Reining By The Bay is a class act.

A competitor gallops past our arena banner. 

Had to post this picture not only for the terrific slide, but for the banner in the background. Ice Horse! Great company. Great product.

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling!

Here is another lady showing off her style. One of the best things about reining is the bling. At least for the women. And the horses. Don’t forget the horses. Some of the most beautiful bridles and saddles I’ve ever seen were there. The leather tooling and silver work were extraordinary. A bridle undoubtedly cost more than my first horse.

The real fun happened Thursday night at the “Ride a Reiner” event. Top riders from other disciplines were given a reiner, a quick lesson…and then were ready to show off their awesome skills. Gina Miles meets her mount.

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

Gina soon proved to her horse and to all of us that she certainly DID know what she was doing!

Gina wins for Best Mane!

It was a lot of fun watching the riders get a feel for this unique sport. Gina was a natural, as you can imagine, and was soon galloping her horse into impressive slide stops. You go, girl!

If you get a chance to watch a day of reining, don’t pass it up. It’s a great sport with really wonderful people. 

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