Rolex Kentucky Three-Day 2013 is wrapping up today with stadium jumping, beginning at 1:15 p.m. Eastern. Twenty-nine horses out of the starting 46 will continue on to this final phase for a chance to win the most prestigious Three-Day in the United States.

The day began for the competitors this morning at 8:30 a.m. with the Final Horse Inspection.  Thirty horses were presented to the ground jury, with only one horse being spun, James Allison’s Tivoli. The rest of the field, which completed yesterday’s test of cross country, passed. The leaderboard can be found at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day website.

In the remaining horses and riders who will face today’s jumping test there is some serious girl power with our west coast riders, Kristi Nunnink on the lovely gray mare, R-Star, and Hawley Bennett-Awad aboard her Ferrari of a mare, Gin & Juice, standing 9th and 10th respectively. Four gorgeous ladies show the boys how it’s done!

If you missed yesterday’s excitement, videos of cross country are posted at USEF Network.  Hawley’s and Kristi’s rides are featured in the 6th video.

Here is Hawley discussing her ride with Frankie Thieriot only moments after her finish.

And here is Kristi giving her impressions of the cross country course and her ride on R-Star.

For up-to-the-minute reporting on all the excitement, you won’t find a better blog than Eventing Nation. Live-streaming of the final stadium phase can be watched at USEF Network. For an informative walk-through of the course, here is the video of course designer, Derek di Grazia, along with James Wofford, discussing the aspects of the course with Frankie.

It’s particularly interesting to watch these two incredible horsemen discuss the course and how it might ride after having watched yesterday’s field of riders actually tackle it. Those fences are BIG!

Good luck to everyone today!

Go get’em, girls!

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