Tiana Coudray and “bad boy”, Finn.

In my first lesson, David changed my gag rein onto the snaffle, and when Finian bolted with me across the school thinking this was hilarious, David said to me “twist your hips.” As I attempted a rendition of the twist and shout to no avail at full gallop, David shouted “NO, TWIST YOUR HIPS!!!” So I tried more vigorously, as around the arena we went. Strangely this didn’t have the affect he and I were seeking. Clark was forced to sit for 15 minutes while David and I got ourselves back on the same page, Loughan Glen wearing a knowing look on his face. As I rode my second and third horses, just like the day prior, things came easier and quicker. I found I understood more and more what David was asking to see, and that we were able to have a good discussion at the end about all three horses and what the homework is for each one.

 Read the whole thing. Tiana is not just informative, she’s funny! A great read at Eventing Nation.

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