Adapta-Fuel adaptogen supplement formula

Auburn Labs was founded in 1999 and since then has become the pinnacle for making high quality adaptogen supplements in the US and beyond. As they have grown over the years, the need to create an exceptional adaptogen supplement for humans was a top priority and from that Adapta-Fuel was born. The benefits of adaptogens for humans has been scientifically proven and there is no better way to experience it than by using Adapta-Fuel. This powerful and effective adaptogen supplement formula helps change the way people feel and perform.

What are the benefits of adaptogen supplements like Adapta-Fuel?

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The benefits of adaptogen supplements are many. A high quality multi-adaptogen supplement should be developed with a sound understanding of which herbs work together synergistically for broad protection and enhanced adaptogenic action.  When combined properly, adaptogens can provide greater protection in combination than as single herbs. Additionally, a formula containing multiple adaptogens can be expected to deliver multiple benefits, much like a vitamin-mineral supplement. Benefits people should expect to see quickly are improved sleep, enhanced sense of well-being, increased focus, sustained energy without the “jitters”, improved response to athletic training and more rapid recovery from exertion. Long-term benefits include improved immune function, particularly against respiratory infections.

Additional Benefits of Adaptogens May Help:

  • Protect against fatigue during physical exertion or exercise.
  • Enhance both mental and physical endurance.
  • Keep free radicals from harming cell membranes through antioxidants.
  • Decrease stress and feelings of anxiety.
  • Increase energy levels during the day.
  • Protect against chronic stress.
  • Aid in restoring damaged muscle tissue.
  • Assist in providing a better night’s sleep.

Why do adaptogens help athletes perform better?

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Adaptogens help athletes perform at their best because athletic training and competition are, intentionally, stressful. Stressing the body incrementally is the basis for improved physical fitness. Being able to protect the body’s muscle and energy production while improving fitness without exhaustion or injury is vital for any athlete to reach his maximum potential. And every competitive athlete pushes to his limit at competitions. To do so without risking injury and then, to be able to recover rapidly from the maximum exertion, is extremely important. Much of the benefit of adaptogens for athletes comes from their unique ability to maintain proper cellular sensitivity to insulin during stressful physical events. Stress of any kind releases cortisol, which suppresses the body’s response to insulin. This results in a cascade of effects, resulting in reduced uptake and utilization of glucose. As the cells become depleted of energy, the athlete experiences exhaustion and often injury. With adaptogens, the athlete is able to push harder, train longer, and recover faster.

What are the most important ingredients to look for in a quality adaptogen supplement?

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The category of adaptogens is increasing every year as more and more interest in adaptogens is being shown in the fields of nutrition and scientific research. Thirty years ago there were only a handful of herbs known as adaptogens. Now there are dozens. But the King of Adaptogens still remains Eleutherococcus senticosus, Any adaptogen formula should include this herb. It is balancing, supportive, provides tremendous support for the immune system, increases energy and endurance. It has been studied exhaustively; research on this herb is easily found on sites such as PubMed. In recent years, Rhodiola rosea has become extremely popular, driving the price up and making quality Rhodiola hard to find. But it deserves the attention. Rhodiola is a valuable adaptogen, providing improved attention and focus, and balancing emotions under severe stress. The other commonly available adaptogen that is worth seeking out is Schizandra chinensis. Known in TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as a “kingly tonic” herb, it was once only available for the royal court, so highly valued was this vine. Numerous studies show that it is highly protective of liver function, but it also has serious protective benefits when someone is under extreme stress. Any high quality adaptogen formula should have a couple, if not all three of these valuable adaptogenic herbs.

What can Adapta-Fuel do for you?

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I have depended on APF Pro for over 15 years to keep my horses healthy and in top competition form. It continues to be an essential part of my training program and I find it invaluable, particularly when coping with the strain of intense training and international travel. From competing at the local level all the way to Nations Cups and the London Olympics, it has been a simple and effective way to gain the competitive edge. I wouldn’t be without it! And now I use Auburn Laboratories’ Adapta-Fuel for me. I want the same advantage as my horses!
Tiana Coudray

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Our show horses get APF Pro and always will. We have everything from young horses to 1.6m jumpers to international hunter derby winners. It helps with everything – muscles, stress relief, coat, digestion, focus and more.

I take the human version – Adapta-Fuel. Two years ago my leg was crushed by a horse. I almost lost my foot. The doctors said I would be lucky to walk again. I had five surgeries and lots of metal put in and taken out of my leg. I’m now riding 1.6m jumpers and I run about 5 miles daily. I believe Adapta-Fuel was instrumental in my healing process.
Robert Blanchette

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Let’s talk horse show fatigue and prevention. I trust APF Pro to keep the horses healthy when stress is high on the road. And I take Adapta-Fuel to stay healthy myself.
Sam Schaffhauser

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Dr. Van Noy has developed such great products! I’ve been using APF Pro to keep my horses healthy for nearly 20 years, and I take Adapta-Fuel for me too!
Susan Hutchison

Adapta Fuel Athletes

Mike and I LOVE our APF Pro to protect and boost our horses’ immune system! Extra energy and stamina are added bonuses! After years of feeding it to our horses, we started taking the company’s Adapta-Fuel…and love it! Any equine or human athlete should have these products in their regimen.
Mike and Sherrylynn Johnson

Adaptogen Supplement Rider

APF Pro is a must have in the feed room.  All my top horses are on it. And Adapta-Fuel is a life changer! I was once very sick and couldn’t get out of bed and Adapta-fuel is the only thing that got me healthy and going again. If you want to keep you and your horse’s immune systems strong and healthy, you can’t beat these products!
Bobby Meyerhoff