How far
you go?

Adapta Fuel bottles

The Most Advanced Adaptogenic Formula to Take You Where You Want To Go

APF – Advanced Protection Formula

APG - original equine protection formula
  • supports proper immune function
  • supports normal glucose metabolism
  • supports overall stress response

Your horse’s daily dose of insurance.

APF PRO – Protection and Performance

  • supports gastric health
  • supports muscle development
  • supports proper immune function
  • supports healthy cellular metabolism

The most active ingredient is your horse.

Tom Meyers, equine sports physical therapist, discusses his experiences with APF and APF Pro.

“APF has been 100% successful in preventing the depression and appetite suppression you can get from pergolide.”

Eleanor M. Kellon, V.M.D.
Equine Nutritional Solutions

“…we found supplementation with APF can result in significant improvements in blood insulin levels, laminitic symptoms and overall energy and appetite.”

October 2002

APF was ranked FIRST in a review of 20 nutritional supplements for the performance horse by the prestigious publication, Horse Journal: “…we think the standouts in our chart include: APF…”

June 2006

“Having all three of my horses place First, Second, and Third in the Preliminary Division at The Horse Park of New Jersey HT this weekend was such a great feeling! Thank you for helping my horses and I compete at our best with your amazing formula!”

Kelly Prather