Advanced Protection Formula

Adaptogen Canine APF original formula
  • supports immune health
  • provides stress protection

Your dog’s daily dose of insurance.


Protection and Performance

Adaptogen Canine APF Pro formula
  • supports gastric health
  • supports muscle health
  • supports immune health

The most active ingredient is your dog.

Why Adaptogens Are So Important For Our Canines

Let’s face it, our dogs are amazing and there is nothing better than to see our beloved pets live full and happy lives. That is why our adaptogen supplement blends for canines have been created to provide the perfect formula to aid in your dog’s health and well-being. Our APF and APF Pro supplements may bring a wide range of possible health benefits such as supporting muscle health, supporting the immune system, and supporting the gastrointestinal system. Give your dog the best adaptogen supplements with our quality products from Auburn Labs. 

canine APF pro adaptogen supplements for dog health