APF Pro Wellness | High Potency Adaptogen Formula | Gastric Health, Immune Support, Energy, and Endurance

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Protection and wellness for the equine athlete

APF Pro Wellness builds on the original APF – the only natural herbal formula backed by university-level research – to deliver the most effective nutritional formula to support your horse’s health and wellness.

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APF Pro Wellness is the most trusted natural herbal formula for use in equine athletes. APF Pro Wellness combines the proven nutritional technology of the original APF (Advanced Protection Formula) with support for both gastric health and improved stress protection.

APF Pro Wellness combines APF – the only natural herbal formula backed by university-level research- with support for optimal stress protection and gastric health to deliver the most effective nutritional formula to support your horse’s health and wellness.

APF PRO Wellness delivers

  • Supports immune health
  • Supports gastric health
  • Supports stress protection
  • Supports energy
  • Supports focus
  • Supports endurance
  • Supports recovery


Eleutherococcus senticosus, Rhodiola rosea, Schisandra chinensis, and Aralia mandshurica, in a water-alcohol extract

APF Pro Wellness – Protection and Wellness for the Equine Athlete

APF Pro Wellness is the #1 choice to protect and support the wellness of the equine athlete. Developed to address the unique nutritional needs of horses competing at the top of their sport, APF Pro Wellness provides broad support for the immune system, gastric health, overall stress protection, energy, endurance, and recovery. Trusted for 20 years, it’s unequaled in the equine industry.

The equine athlete experiences enormous stresses, from high level athletic training, long-distance transport, constantly changing environments – often with sharp changes in altitude or temperature – to name a few. The stresses are relentless and unavoidable.

With APF Pro Wellness you know you are providing him with unequaled stress protection, immune support, gastric support, energy, endurance, and recovery from exertion.

Our line of products was developed by an equine veterinarian with over 30 years of experience because he understood that virtually everything that impacted a horse’s health or impaired his athletic ability had an underlying stress component. All three formulas are designed to provide a superior measure of nutritional protection to address the potential negative effects of stress. Recommended and used by the world’s leading veterinarians, trainers, equestrians, and devoted horse owners.


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29 reviews for APF Pro Wellness | High Potency Adaptogen Formula | Gastric Health, Immune Support, Energy, and Endurance

  1. Jessica Normand (verified owner)

    My easy keeper Morgan has been getting APF Pro/Plus since he was a youngster. He’s now turning 16 and despite very strong genetics for EMS/insulin resistance, his oral sugar challenge test (which we have the vet do proactively every 1-2 years) continues to show his insulin is working normally. The last time my vet was floored that he was still in the normal range. I attribute this to not only a very carefully managed diet with as little sugar and starch as possible, but also to the adaptogens he gets daily from his APF Plus. I also love that, when we travel to shows or there is a scare of an infectious outbreak at my large boarding barn, I can increase his dose and give him added protection. Thank you, Dr. Van Noy for your amazing products! I also take Adapta-Fuel myself. Lastly, seeing my horse’s results, my dressage trainer recently put her personal horses on APF Pro and started Adapta-Fuel herself.

  2. T. Schaack

    I train alongside Kortney Kizer and she has been encouraging me to get a few of my colts on APF Pro for awhile now. I recently did and I wish I would have done so sooner! I’ve never seen results SO FAST from a product!
    You can tell a lot about the quality of a product and the integrity of its company by its results and APF Pro results are second to none! Thank you so much!

  3. Susan Hutchison

    Thanks, Mike Van Noy, for such great products. APF Pro keeps my horses healthy, and me too!

  4. Joie Gatlin

    I have been using APF since Dr. Van Noy introduced me to it about 20 years ago and I am so glad that I have. It is a staple for our high performance horses, they never go without it. Our horses have traveled and shown from coast to coast, border to border, and around the world – APF has been there every step. The APF Pro has taken it up a notch and we will continue to have each and every horse on APF Pro. Thank you Auburn Labs!

  5. Susan Treabess

    I started using APF Pro to help my stallion with travel stress before the United States Team Selection Trials for the 2014 World Equestrian Games. It worked so well, helping him not only with stress but energy, heat recovery as well as some allergy/immune issues that we kept him on it for the WEG and then permanently thereafter. Now any horse in our barn that is competing High Performance, or any horse that has stress or allergy/immune issues is on APF Pro daily. This stuff is amazing!

  6. Tamie Smith

    I’ve been using APF Pro for years and have seen the benefits of this product in more ways than one. Muscle development & recovery, horses focus, immune support and gastric health are the main benefits I’ve had by feeding APF Pro. When competing at the top level of any sport you need the cutting edge to help your horses travel and perform at their best. I rest assured that my horses are protected with APF Pro from every aspect while traveling and competing.
    Thank you Dr. Van Noy for your expert knowledge in helping our horses perform at their best.

  7. Robert Blanchette

    Our show horses get APF Pro and always will. We have everything from young horses to 1.6m jumpers to international hunter derby winners. It helps with everything -muscles, stress relief, coat, digestion, focus and more-
    I take the human version. Two years ago my leg was crushed by a horse. I almost lost my foot. The doctors said I would be lucky to walk again. I had five surgeries and lots of metal put in and taken out of my leg. I’m now riding 1.6m jumpers and I run about 5 miles daily. I believe ‘Adapta Fuel’ was instrumental in my healing process.

  8. Matt Brown

    I first started using APF Pro to support my horses when I was traveling across the country to compete. It’s the only supplement that I trust to keep my horses immune systems strong and stomach’s happy during stressful travel and tough competitions. They always recover quickly after long trips and are ready to give it their all at competition time. Once I saw how it helped my horses who were traveling a lot I quickly transitioned all the horses in our barn to it. APF Pro, more than any other supplement I’ve used, has proven to be invaluable in keeping our horses healthy and looking great. The supplement shelf in our grain room used to be cluttered with lots of different supplements. Now it’s only APF Pro.

  9. Dana Cooke

    I began using APF Pro regularly leading up to the Pan American Games last year (2019) with my horse FE Mississippi. I began using it to help her stay comfortable during her travel and to help her recover after the long journey. She traveled GREAT and felt super throughout the week of competition. I liked APF Pro so much I put all of my competition horses on it when I got home!

  10. Kortney Kizer

    APF Pro is the one item my horses cannot live without. It’s does so many positive things for each of my performance horses, and my colts in training. My horses never get ulcers even when being heavily hauled and intensive training. Their energy levels never drop, even with high exercise. Every time I get a horse in that doesn’t look to the best of their potential, I start them on APF Pro. Within a week of being on it, the horse’s muscle tone changes, and over all body condition is significantly enhanced. If you’re looking for a product that does the job of multiple products, this is it. Not to mention that it’s easy to administer and easy to take while traveling. This is by far the best product on the market. Thank you Auburn Labs!

  11. Tiana Coudray

    I have depended on APF Pro for over 15 years to keep my horses healthy and in top competition form. It continues to be an essential part of my training program and I find it invaluable, particularly when coping with the strain of intense training and international travel. From competing at the local level all the way to Nations Cups and the London Olympics, it has been a simple and effective way to gain the competitive edge. I wouldn’t be without it! And now I use Auburn Laboratories’ Adapta-Fuel for me. I want the same advantage as my horses!

  12. Mike and Sherrylynn Johnson

    Mike and I LOVE our APF Pro to protect and boost our horses’ immune system! Extra energy and stamina are added bonuses! After years of feeding it to our horses, we started taking the company’s Adapta-Fuel…and love it! Any equine or human athlete should have these products in their regimen.

  13. Ema Klugman

    APF Pro has driven a major improvement in my horse’s health and ability to perform. Performance horses have to develop a huge amount of muscle–from their core muscles to their topline–if they are to be successful in eventing and show jumping. The strength required to push off the ground repeatedly in a triple combination, execute straight flying changes, and power up a bank on cross country all require well-developed muscles. APF Pro expedites this muscle-building while also improving horses’ gastric health. I started using APF Pro on my older 4 star gelding in 2019, and not only did he have no trouble eating it (he can be picky!), his topline improved dramatically and he had his best year yet– finishing 3rd in the CCI****-L at Ocala Jockey Club and winning the Area II Advanced Championships. I’m also using it on my younger horses, a coming 8yo and a 6yo, who are both developing the strength to perform. I can rest assured that they have the best products on the market as they move up the levels.

  14. Lauren Kieffer

    APF Pro has been an essential part of my top horses’ programs for many years. I highly recommend to everyone.

  15. Kelly Pugh Goodman

    I’ve been using APF Pro for over ten years now and I haven’t looked back! It started when I had a mare prone to ulcers and allergic to the recommended ulcer medication. I put her on APF and she was almost instantaneously happy and healthy. I now have all my horses on it, from the babies to the upper level ones. I give it on a daily basis to help with immune support, gastric health, energy, muscle building and recovery. Anytime a client comes to me with a question regarding what supplements to feed I always suggest APF Pro, you really can’t go wrong. Besides the day to day benefits, I also find it incredibly helpful when we have a long trailer ride – say to Montana or the East Coast. It can be stressful and extremely tiring for the horses and leading up to a big event you want them feeling their best. I’ll usually double the APF Pro dose and I find my horses travel and recover really well!

  16. Ashley DeWitt

    I’ve been using APF Pro in my competition horses for about five years now, and it has been world changing for them. Right away I noticed they recovered better, had more energy, and I love knowing it helps their immune system. The difference in their overall wellness, how easily they look and feel healthy has been incredible. I recommend it to everyone that wants to give their horse some extra support and care.

  17. Andrea Pfeiffer

    Simply the best supplement in the business. We don’t leave home without it. It supports gastric health, gives an immune system boost, and improves overall muscle recovery. Nothing else compares and we have used it in competitions through FEI levels! APF Pro is the only way to go.

  18. Meyerhoff Show Horses

    APF Pro is a life changer! I was once very sick and couldn’t get out of bed and APF/Adapta-fuel is the only thing that got me healthy and going again. It’s a must have in the feed room and in the house. If you want to keep your and your horse’s immune systems strong and healthy, you can’t beat it!

  19. Jasmine Talley

    APF Pro has been a huge game changer for us at Rocking Basilisk Farms. We have all of our show jumpers on it daily and have noticed improvements in stamina gain, more focus, muscle gain and an all over well being.

  20. Eddie Woods

    APF Pro is a valuable part of our sales operation. I find it especially useful in the management of unthrifty horses. The improvement in their coats and overall condition is obvious within a month. When a horse at any level feels better, he’s going to perform better.

  21. Sam Schaffhauser

    Let’s talk horse show fatigue and prevention. I trust APF Pro to keep the horses healthy when stress is high on the road. And I take Adapta-Fuel to stay healthy myself.

  22. Shannon Dueck

    I have been using APF Pro on my hard working horses for many years now – at least 10. I put every new import on it right away as their immune systems are in need of a boost when they get here, and the horses in hard training and travel are always on it. It really makes a difference to overall health and wellness – they have more energy and recover better – and I have not once had a shipping fever even with thousands of miles of travel logged. The benefits are real!!

  23. Lauren Billys Shady

    I have been using APF on my horses for the last 8 years. It is a game changer and a staple to my horses’ daily lives. I give it on a daily basis for immune support, energy, and recovery. At competitions, I give the supplement before getting on and once I have finished competing. I found this helps with sustainable energy in the ring and for recovery after the competition. One of my horses struggled with skin bacteria and a low immune system. I started using APF Pro and it all cleared up on its own. I am so thankful that there is a product that can make a difference in our horses lives.

  24. Kelly Prather

    I’ve noticed a huge improvement in muscle development since starting my horses on APF Pro! With the APF Pro you also get the benefit of gastric health too. I’ve seen horses literally turn around once starting on this supplement! My mare would have small gassy colics more regularly than you would like but once starting on APF Pro they STOPPED!! The overall benefits of immune support, ulcer protection and muscle building support are second to none. This is a supplement I wouldn’t want to live without in my training program.

  25. J Thomas

    Absolutely swear by this product! I have had my upper level event horses on it for over 5 years and have never looked back! It’s fantastic for horses that travel and show frequently. It also gives them that healthy “shine from within”! Nothing like it or better on the market!!

  26. J.B.

    As I mentioned on the phone, never have I found a product to turn a horse around as much as this product has turned my horse around. My son, who used to train horses, told me about it and I am very glad he did. Thank you very much.

  27. Valerie Kanavy

    Gold Medal Farms competition horses have been using APF Pro for over 5 years with great success. Recently we took 3 horses to the Broxton Bridge Endurance competition. One horse competed in the 100 mile division finishing second in his second race with a record time, The other two finished the 75 mile division 1st and 2nd and Best Condition. Three horses – three top placings. Thanks APF

  28. Sara Mittleider

    APF Pro has been a part of my supplement program for over 10 years. Whether traveling across the country, or over seas, we never leave home without it. I use it on all my competing horses as an overall immune booster. It is also an excellent recovery boost after a tough cross country test. The help it gives to sore muscles, and energy boost on the final day of competing is a game changer.

  29. A. Baxter

    APF Pro has taken Indy all the way to the top of eventing. She used to have muscle issues that have been resolved since her daily APF Pro. That and all the other things it helps with…stress, ulcers, focus, immunity. It’s the best all-round supplement I feed.