APF Plus – High Potency Adaptogen Formula | Immune Support, Gastric Health, and Stress Protection for Your Horse

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APF Plus

APF Plus helps your horse respond to athletic training and stress with a steady, calm energy that improves both output and recovery.

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APF Plus has been formulated specifically for use in equine athletes. APF Plus builds on the proven nutritional technology of the original APF (Advanced Protection Formula) with the addition of the herb, Aralia mandshurica. Aralia mandshurica has been shown in studies to support gastric health. Like Rhodiola rosea, Aralia mandshurica helps promote attention and focus when working under stressful conditions.

APF Plus also provides protection for the immune system.


Ingredients: Eleutherococcus senticosus, Rhodiola rosea, Schisandra chinensis, Aralia mandshurica, Echinopanax elatus in a water-alcohol extract.

APF Plus

Building on the success of APF, we added an additional herb – Aralia mandshurica – to provide support for gastric health.

With APF Plus, you can also provide your horse with nutritional support for a healthy digestive system. This can be very important if your horse has to be confined more than usual or experiences a reduction in feed.

Because of this additional nutritional gastric support, APF Plus has become a favorite supplement for competitors due to its unique, broad-based stress protection, immune support, and gastric health. Competitors report improved feed efficiency, improved attitude and “steadiness”, and a willingness to perform without excitability or “nerves” that can often be seen when feeding many performance supplements. APF Plus helps your horse respond to athletic training and stress with a steady, focused energy that improves both performance and recovery.


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1 review for APF Plus – High Potency Adaptogen Formula | Immune Support, Gastric Health, and Stress Protection for Your Horse

  1. LayLa Schackner

    Our Appaloosa gelding was HOT HOT HOT, and always full of agitation. He was jumpy, spooky and anxious all the time. He had ulcers that were in the healing phase, but he still was not comfortable. He would get diarrhea every single time we would get in the trailer, if we could get him in. Then he started to get summer sores. We had heard some really great things about APF Pro at some of the horse shows. Tons of great feed back and reviews. APF Pro started to make some immediate improvements in his focus and his temperament. But the Pro gave him sustained energy that my daughter didn’t need him to have. He just kind of never wore out. Even after a significant lesson, he had barely broke a sweat and was still ready to go! At that time, we had taken him back to ground work and he was very rambunctious. I called into Auburn Laboratory and asked for some advice. They immediately suggested the switch from PRO to the PLUS and a slight diet change. We noticed a difference in him within two weeks. He was settling into himself. He seemed to finally be comfortable in his own skin. His diarrhea stopped when we rally, show or travel. He loads into the trailer without any anxiety! We give him a handful of Purina Outlast at 5 extra cc’s of PLUS before trailering, when we unload him into his show stall, and then instead of 10cc all at once- we give him 5cc twice per day to dress his grain just to make sure he feels settled in a possibly stressful situation. He is ulcer free, has moved up a level, he is focused and present in his lessons, and he is progressing. I strongly believe that APF Plus has been an integral piece of PICASSO’s success. We recently added a small amount of magnesium to compliment the already wonderful results from APF and we are more than thrilled. His future is looking bright and his health, weight, and his mentality has never been better. His recovery after a tough ride seems to be managed with ease. The PLUS supports his gastric health and his focus. I am hoping that this year the immune boosting properties in the PLUS will be enough to help PICASSO ward off the summer sores that he is prone to. FINGERS CROSSED! #JUSTYOUWAIT #OKEC #WESTRONGLYRECOMMENDTHISPRODUCT