The horse’s immune system plays a critical role in the defense against infectious diseases, parasites, and the development of cancer. The adaptogenic herbs in our three formulas APF, APF Plus or APF Pro all have a well -documented history in their ability to support cell-mediated immunity, especially in times of stress. Horses which have been stressed by intense training, shipping or environmental factors are generally recognized to be at greater risk of succumbing to infectious disease. Foals and geriatric horses are also at increased risk, and would benefit from daily use of APF, APF Plus or APF Pro. When one of our adaptogen formulas is used daily as a nutritional supplement, the cell-mediated immune system is better able to respond appropriately to viral, bacterial and fungal challenges and to withstand the immuno-suppressive effects of stress.

“I diagnosed two adult Thoroughbreds with fungal pneumonias secondary to
significant immune deficiencies. I used APF as an adjunct immune therapy being the only
daily oral supplement while treating with antifungal medications. Both horses
responded with IgM and IgG levels reaching the normal ranges and both horses survived
the pneumonias.”

T. Douglas Byars, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, ACVECC


The immune system is a collection of mechanisms within an organism that protects against infection by identifying and killing pathogens and tumor cells. It detects a wide variety of pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasitic worms, and distinguishes them from the organism’s normal cells and tissues.

The immune system is comprised of two main systems: the innate immune system and the acquired immune system. The acquired immune system is further differentiated into two systems: the humoral immune system and the cell-mediated immune system. Both these parts of the immune system are changeable and possess fundamental adaptive mechanisms to better attack the invading antigen.

Adaptogen supplement APF Pro for equine, canine and livestock

It is the humoral immune system which creates immunological memories from encounters with pathogens. It is this capacity of the humoral system to “remember” encounters with particular pathogens which is the basis for vaccinations. It is the cell-mediated immune system which is the “first line of defense” in the organism. The ingredients in APF, APF Plus or APF Pro, particularly Eleutherococcus senticosus, Rhodiola rosea, and Schizandra chinensis, have been clinically shown to increase the absolute numbers of T-cells and NK cells, and to improve the beneficial activity of these cells. Because adaptogens act as an immuno-modulators instead of immuno-stimulants, the herbs balance the immune system, regardless of the direction of disruption, and, therefore, can be used daily to build a better, healthier immune system in all horses from foals to geriatric pets. APF, APF Plus, and APF Pro have all been successfully used to increase immune response in immuno-suppressed individuals, as well as to significantly reduce allergic symptoms in horses with a hyper-active immune response.


All three products should be considered important adjunctive nutritional support in any condition which would benefit from proper immune function.


For best results, APF, APF Plus or APF Pro should be fed daily. For horses with compromised immune systems:

FIRST SIX DAYS:  18 mls per day, divided into two servings.

After six days, reduce to 10 mls per day thereafter.
10 mls may be fed in one serving.
Feeding schedule for average 1,000 lb horse.
Please adjust according to weight.

Serving may be top dressed over supplemental feed or syringed directly into horse’s mouth.


Comparison chart of equine APF formulas by Auburn Labs


“I am so thrilled. Within a couple of days I noticed a change in the filly, Lola’s, attitude. She is back to her old horsenality…she’s her frisky, playful self. AND by the weekend, I was thinking that I was noticing a change in her muscle and by yesterday I dared to confirm that her muscles ARE coming back. I’m so relieved. I truly believe that your product [APF] has had an impact on her healing. I can’t thank you enough for your time and concern. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”



“Hi Dr. Michael,

I am so happy to report that we just got the latest results and Lola, the yearling QH filly is clear! She has had a truly remarkable recovery. Her back (she is the one who lost almost all her back muscles in a matter of three days) has almost completely come back. I truly believe that the APF formula has helped her tremendously. As I stated in a previous email, she started to turn around within a couple of days of being on the APF. She is now her old self…running, bucking, and being a happy yearling!

“I can’t thank you enough for your phone call that desperate Saturday afternoon. I tell everyone that APF made a huge difference in my filly.”

“I use APF for my Belgian. He had a large sarcoid that I removed with toothpaste on his inner back thigh the size of a moth ball. It looked like it was coming back, but in the meantime, he started up with two on his face, two on his chest and his sheath developed multiple bumps. I have him on 11 droppers of APF (2cc per 250lbs) and ALL are gone, ALL have normal hair growth and you can’t even tell where they were, including the one I removed. I am a believer. In the meantime, I have started taking it for myself because I felt if it can do that for sarcoids, what can it to for you!



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*Stull, C.L., Spier, S.J., et al, “Immunological response to long-term transport stress in mature horses and effects of adaptogenic dietary supplementation as an immunomodulator.” Equine Vet. J. (2004) 36(7)583-589.

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